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It’s WKD in a week!

We are excited to see the flow of World Kidney Day events posted on our map and we are looking forward to receiving your event pictures. Are you going to celebrate WKD?That’s great! Share this amazing news with your Twitter network by clicking here.

If you cannot participate in a WKD event in person, you can always help us raise awareness on FacebookTwitter and Insta gram: use our hashtag #WorldKidneyDay, retweet/share our posts and make as much noise as you can. If you need inspiration for tweets and posts, download our social media toolkit! If you use the #WorldKidneyDay hashtag, make sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook feeds for further surprises.

If you are organizing a WKD event, feel free to download our WKD campaign material such as 2019 logos for prints and giveawaysleaflets and flyersschool presentations, and infographics.  Download, print and distribute – help us raise awareness!

Share your event story!

If you have an Instagram account, tag @worldkidney_day in an Instagram Story of your event ensuring that our 2019 Campaign Visual or World Kidney Day logo is visible. Then your video might be among the best 20 chosen stories that will be shared through our official Instagram account!

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to pin your event on the WKD event map. Posting your event on our map will allow you to increase participation to your event and us to have an overview of the WKD events taking place in your country.
We look forward to making the most out of WKD 2019!

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