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1 Département de Neurologie, Centre Neuro-Psycho-Pathologique, Université de Kinshasa, RD. Congo


Background. Central Nervous System Tuberculosis remains the most severe extrapulmonary tuberculosis pattern with a high mortality rate overcoming 50% in poor income Africa countries as well as the main cause of neurological sequelae while the diagnosis is delayed or missed and the treatment is inadequate.

Objective. To assess the cerebral spinal fluid pattern among inpatients suffering from central nervous system TB in CNPP/Kinshasa.

Methods. Descriptive/Retrospective study carried out by analyzing data from 39 files of inpatients hospitalized in the Infectious and Parasitic Neurology Service within the Department of Neurology of CNPP/Mont-Amba from 2003 to 2013.

Discussion. 39 files of patients aged from 9 – 67 years with an average of 36 ± 13 years were gathered. Female were predominant with a sex ratio of 0.6. The Cerebral Spine Fluid was clear and colorless among 92.3% cases. The study noted an elevated number of WBC in the CSF of whole patients (≥ 5 WBC), and 48% of them was considered to get higher number of WBC in the CSF estimated to 41 and 65, lymphocytes were predominant (97.4%). Total proteins elevation was found among 97.4% of patients as well as low glucose concentration was found among 69.2% inpatients.

Patient characteristics are similar to those reported within other studies. HIV affected patient CSF pattern is similar to non HIV affected patient CSF one as reported in several studies.

Conclusion. Patient CSF color as well as cytological and biochemistry data of this study are similar to the literature sources.

Early and correct CSF examination helps to perform immediate and adequate management of central nervous system TB as well as to reduce its morbidity and mortality.

Key –words: Nervous System Tuberculosis, Cerebral Spine Fluid

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