AJPP ouvre ses portes à San Diego.

Conference Theme: Theme for the Mee)ng: Open Science: Access, Transparency, Data Sharing, and Reproducibility

NIH sponsors: National Library of Medicine and Fogarty International Center, US NIH
Objectives: Hold annual review and planning sessions of partnership activites and workshops for African editors.


African Health Sciences
James Tumwine, kabaleimc@gmail.com
Edgart Katarahweire, kedgart@gmail.com
Annales Africaines de Médecine
Jean-Marie Kayembe, dr12jmkayembe@yahoo.com
Ernest Sumaili, sumailiernest2015@gmail.com
Annals of African Surgery
Hassan Saidi, hsaid2ke@yahoo.com
James Kigera, jameskigera@yahoo.co.uk
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences
Abraham Haileamlak, asratab@yahoo.com
Ghana Medical Journal
Margaret Lartey, malart38@yahoo.com
Malawi Medical Journal
Lucinda Manda Taylor, lucindamanda@gmail.com
Andrew Mataya, aamataya@medcol.mw
Mali Medical
Moussa Camara, moussabine@yahoo.fr
Rwanda Journal Series F: Medicine and Health Sciences
Jean Bosco Gahutu, j.b.gahutu@ur.ac.rw
Sierra Leone Journal of Biomedical Research
Rashid Ansumana, rashidansumana@gmail.com

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