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A propos de DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journal)

Dear All
Just to let you know that our Journal, Annales Africaines de Médecine can be accessed through DOAJ as Hinari requested.
Please let us know if you need additional  information on this matter.
Jean Marie Kayembe
Editor in Chief

Lettre :
Dear editor,
You are receiving this email because you are part of our Open Access journals that have included in HINARI the past years.
Due to a tremendous number of requests for adding new journals to Hinari, exceeding the capacity to provide timely review and response, a discussion has taken place within our partnership about an appropriate solution.  We have agreed to change our reviewing process and criteria for including open access titles in Hinari.
The new process takes into account that there are other organizations who focus primarily on reviewing and accepting quality open access journals.  Therefore, Hinari has decided to work with the DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals and will list only journals that have been accepted for inclusion by the DOAJ. This change began with new journals requesting inclusion in Hinari, and now we are in the process of retroactive review for journals that have been included in Hinari in the past that are not in DOAJ.
As we do not see your journal(s) listed in the subject-relevant extract we took from DOAJ at the end of November, we recommend that you apply to them for inclusion after checking that your journal(s) fulfils all of their criteria: If you have any questions on the application process you can contact them at
The inclusion from DOAJ to Hinari database is based on subject categories, so if your journal focus is in the topical areas of interest to Hinari, it will be added automatically (replacing the current listing) when the next extract from the DOAJ database is uploaded into the Hinari database.
If, by the end of December 2016, your journal(s) are not yet included in DOAJ, we will remove them from Hinari database at that point.  We hope this gives you a period of time for completing the process to have your title(s) included in DOAJ, and thus remain listed also in Hinari.
Thank you for your understanding,
World Health Organization
Avenue Appia, 20
1211 Geneva 27
Fax: +41 22 791 41 50

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